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Disc golf is a flying disc sport in which players throw a disc at a target; it is played using rules similar to golf. Most disc golf discs are made out of polypropylene plastic, otherwise known as polypropene, which is a thermoplastic polymer resin used in a wide variety of applications. Discs are also made using a variety of other plastic types that are heated and molded into individual discs.

The sport is usually played on a course with 9 or 18 holes. In Tilburg we got a great 18-hole course laying in our beautiful Stadsbos013. Players complete a hole by throwing a disc from a tee pad or area toward a target, known as a basket, throwing again from where the previous throw landed, until the basket is reached. Usually, the number of throws a player uses to reach each basket is tallied (often in relation to par), and players seek to complete each hole in the lowest number of total throws.


Besides that you have different discs for every situation!

Every situation needs a different approach. For example you want a disc with a specific flight to pass a tree or a specific distance.
To begin with the sport you only need 1 disc. A putter is suitable to start with in that case.


Besides the variaty of activities the club is organizing, the Nederlandse Frisbee Bond(which is the Dutch Fribee Association) has also yearly competitions. For every disc golf player there is a league to participate in. You need to be signed to a dutch disc golf club/ultimate club to get access to the Nederlandse Frisbee Bond.


Below this page you will find some YouTube videos with some great information. Are you missing information ór do you have YouTube vids to add to this page please send us an email so we can keep updating this content.



The most important disc golf rules
This is how a Disc Golf Pro Tour looks like! Great to see the professionals at work.
Putting is really important. Its also one of the Disc Golf Basics you need to learn and make sure to get the right technique. See this video to see how to putt better.
Forehand Form Basics. How does it work? This is simply a guide for beginners.
I’m always enthousiastic to try out new sports. I’ve already played quite some Ultimate Frisbee before and used to play it often in Germany. Dennis introduced me to Discgolf in 2018 and since that time i’ve been exploring many courses and bought tons of discs to try out new things. I’m enthousiastic about everything what has to do with disc golf. I like to help the disc golf community by putting work in Discgolf013.


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